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Shadow's Dwelling

I'm a 24 year old scots-woman born and raised in the north west coast of good ol Scotland =D

Various interests including:- Transformers, X-men, supernatural, sleepy hollow, sherlock, bones, star wars, star trek, dragons, mythological Stuff/History/Creatures, gory stuff, almost human, Grimm, Game of Thrones, Doctor who, gluten free things, greys anatomy, slash, harry potter etc

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Jul 8 '12

Transformers Prime GiF challenge

Using every 4th GIF in your folder

1. You discover that alien robots live among us, hiding in plain sight

I’m so happy to find out it’s true XD

2. You meet the Autobots


3. You meet the Decepticons

This. is. awesome x3

4. Megatron “dies”

It’s funny or i don’t believe he’s dead and think it’s a joke when starscream says megatron is dead xD

5. Scraplets start eating everything

Heck no i aint dealing with that

6. Bulkhead’s BFF Wheeljack drops by for a visit

I aint listening to you `Jackie`

7. Makeshift impersonates you and almost destroys base

Hm i wonder if they’ll notice it’s not me? XD

8. Your human friend sneaks onto the battlefield and makes things worse

I can’t wait till they’re dead =) *crazy person smile of joy*

9. Starscream starts running the Decepticons

Yea starscream you wouldn’t be interested in us

10. “Buff this!”

i am not use to this sort of buffing

11. You break something, and whatever it is, Ratchet needed that

I can magically fix it again xD either that or change my appearance so he can’t find me to kill me XD

12. Knock Out scratches his paint

it was horrible

13. Megatron is not dead and revives

Is it safe to come out?

14. Megatron is consumed with Dark Energon

Not that much difference besides the purple eyes and army of zombie soldiers

15. Megatron beats Starscream up

Not really >.> maybe i was busy eatting something delicious at the time and didn’t see it happening and was jsut telling someone that this food made me happy not noticing a seeker being thrown across the room as i do XD

16. Breakdown and Bulkhead work together once again


17. You’re trapped underneath a collapsing cave and your human friend is likely to suffocate

I’m saaad =(

18. Starscream asks to become an Autobot

All the feels! i need to drown them

19. Starscream is denied admission into the Autobot “club”


20. Bulkhead starts losing his mind




22. The Mad Scientist Doctor injects himself with synthetic Energon and proceeds to kick ass

This is when the awesome happens

23. “How’s it hummin’?”

*Fangirl squeal*

24. Megatron wants you to work on setting up his troops with the “Synth-En”

More than likely me and Knockout will be science pranking the eradicons XD

25. “Mars cat says, ‘Take me to your feeder.’”

It is amusing xD

26. Optimus does not laugh at your “something funny” (though Ratchet does)

Sad that Optimus didn’t laugh but goofy happy that Ratchet did XD

27. An old Cybertronian prophecy of doom is aligned with…Earth

goodbye cruel world

28. Natural disasters break out all over the planet


29. Your human friend is injured by Dark Energon

ehhh hehheh they must have been annoying me ^^;

30. Your human friend recovers from the Dark Energon poisoning

your survived?!?! 80

31. Optimus Prime…SMILES

Oh yea! I rule, i saw that smile Prime there’s no use denying it

32. Unicron intends to take over the planet

You can’t handle our world, plus anyway it’s already mine

33. The Autobots team up with Megatron

OMP(oh my primus) it’s you!

34. Unicron gets put back to sleep…

XD i dunno

35. …but Optimus loses his memory and leaves with Megatron

yup that is is

Jun 20 '12

harry potter Gif meme

Harry Potter Gif Meme

Use every third gif in your Harry Potter gif folder or regular gif folder.

(1)Your reaction to getting your Hogwarts letter

explain this to me and why it’s so late

(2)Your parents’ reaction:

shock and surprise that it’s real

(3)You in Diagon Alley:

giddy and excited but holding it in
(4)Boarding the Hogwarts Express:

telling my parents i’ll be alright and to quit phoning me when they worry too much

(5)Eating a Chocolate Frog:

Though it’s made of chocolate it’s enchanted to act like a real frog so my brain thinks it’s got to be a real frog covered in chocolate that I’m about to bite the head off XD

(6)Taking the boats across the lake:

I enjoyed it and hoped the suspense and excitment lasted after it also x3

(7)Some people who talk to you:

Iscared them away? or we went on amazing adventures together with lots of running XD

(8)What you think of being their friend:

It’s awesome x3

(9)Wearing the Sorting Hat:

Bring it on i’m ready for any of them

(10)Your House’s reaction when you sit at their table:

creepy must be slytherin i guess » or ravenclaw

(11)When you first see a ghost:

They tell me about their life or death scene

(12)What you think of Professor Dumbledore:

Pretty much XDD

(13)What you do in class:

die? »

(14)You and your friends are always doing this:

being cool

(15)Your reaction to being called a Mudblood:

Don’t care you just can’t handle how awesome i am and got jealous XD

(16)The person insulting you:

Jealous gurl in my class i guess

(17)The first time you get points for your house:

Smirk of pride so it is slytherin then i’m in

(18)You in Detention:


(19)You at Quidditch Trials:

I know whats gonna happen then i guess xD

(20)When you get selected for the Quidditch Team:

Dealing with immature boys on the team i guess

(21)Your friends’ reactions:

They never got picked

(22)You asking someone to the Yule Ball:

Flaunting it and showing off ma dance moves

(23)Their reaction:

uhmm XD

(24)You at the Yule Ball:

By myself with my pals

(25)You at the Quidditch Final:

Paaaaaarrrtty tiiiime XD

(26)Your reaction when you win:

Celebratory prank

(27)You at the Victory Celebration:

Getting my mojo magic going with elemental spells to show how awesome i am by doing fire made fireworks

(28)When your house wins the House Cup:

Noone can handle our awesome swaggers of vistory

(29)You saying your goodbyes for the summer:

I’m going to miss them alot i guess XD